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3D interior modeling can be performed by means of a sophisticated program. The main software used for the development of 3D interior modeling are: form Z, Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, Lightwave, Modo, solid Thinking etc. or an application component like Shaper, Lofter in 3DS Max or using some scene description language. One of the major steps involved in the modeling is scene set up. Scene setup involves arranging virtual objects, lights, cameras and other entities on a scene which will later be used to produce a still image or an animation. It helps in the proper development of modeling with high accuracy and flexibility. There are a number of modeling techniques available with service providers. Some of them are: constructive solid geometry, implicit surfaces and subdivision surfaces. There are lot of ways to represent a model. Most popular way to represent a model consists of: polygonal model, NURBS, primitives, sculpt, splines and patches 3D interior modeling.

3D interior modeling consists of two parts: solid and shell or boundary- solid models define the quantity of the object they represent and these are more realistic, but more difficult to build. Solid models are mostly used for non visual simulations such as medical and engineering simulations, for CAD and specialized visual applications such as ray tracing and constructive solid geometry. This is very complicated one can be done with the help of software. Shell or boundary models represent the surface these are easier to work with than solid models. Almost all visual models used in games and film are shell models. 3D interior modeling helps to bring a pre – visualization effect to the image and able to make necessary changes according to the needs or requirements of the client.

3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any three-dimensional surface of object with the aid of a computer. It can be displayed either as three dimensional or two dimensional images. It is used widely used anywhere in 3D graphics. Actually, their use predates the widespread use of 3D graphics on personal computers. Many computer games used pre-rendered images of 3D interior modeling as sprites before computers could render them in real-time. 3D interior modeling rendering for different building structures like commercial, residential, industrial and institutional buildings. It mainly consists of interior modeling, exterior modeling etc. This makes the designing phase very easy and helps in to find out the possible errors before the starting of the project.

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