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The discipline of 3D interior image rendering is concerned with the designing of interior structure of the building like furniture, tenure, door, windows, colors etc. They need to consider both the elegant look of the interior as well as the compliance of the safety standards. For this every architect should consider the interior designing principles and architectural laws existing in the field. The most important quality needed for an efficient architect is good designing sense and must know how to allocate spacing, usage of correct color proportion. More over they must have good imagination skill which is must for developing the ideas and thoughts of clients into action.

3D interior image rendering can involve the altering of already existing construction sites and also the interior structuring of new ones. So it is necessary for them to be knowledgeable about construction materials and methods involved in the process. Also they should posses a good idea in how to read building plans, codes associated with it and time constraints. They should also focus on the administering the building's interior contract, submitting financial reports, and giving advice on maintenance support, which are done at various stages of the project. 3D interior image rendering must have good knowledge in the usage of 3D software and its applications. It is also important that they should posses’ good communication skill and problem solving abilities since they need to contact client during the progress of the work and make necessary changes according their need. There are lots of firms in UK that are having efficient interior architects. 3D interior image rendering.

An architect is a person who is specialized and trained in planning, drawing, design outline and the construction of the building. They are the licensed persons to practice architecture and plays a major role in the planning, designing and construction of the building and other environment related to that. 3D interior architect is responsible for the designing of building depending upon the needs and requirements of the customer. By knowing the requirements of the client, they design the project either hand- drawn or with the aid of computer. Earlier most of the designing and planning is done in 2D views, but now with the development of new technology and softwares three dimensional designing is possible. This reduces the word load of architects and can finish it with more accuracy and flexibility. Three dimensional views helps them to design the project in less time and makes the necessary changes by consulting it with the customers before starting the project. 3D interior image rendering.

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