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Pre-visualization is one of the vital elements of all rendering projects. This brings some degree of realism by using colors and shading techniques to represent materials and lightings. In exterior realistic rendering, customers can view all the elements of exterior part with different angles, size, shape and color. Earlier designing was done through various type of handmade and rough sketches which have only two dimensional view. This reduces the flexibility and accuracy of the design. But in this technique, architect converts various types of handmade and rough sketches in to visual and digital formats which is realistic in nature. Exterior realistic rendering contains the facility of 360 degree panoramic view and walk through where we can obtain a live atmosphere of how the projects looks in future.

The main benefits of Exterior realistic rendering to an architectural project are: it helps to develop a flawless design. With the help of skilled professionals and sophisticate technology, one can easy easily develop varieties of design and model for projects depends upon his thoughts and imagination. By analyzing properly, all the errors can be easily identified and rectified well before construction begins. Secondly it helps to maintain effective communication with the customer as it is very important for an architect to deliver the exact design. By making the realistic view of project, architect can easily check whether it is according to the requirements of the client and what all changes are needed etc. Another major advantage of exterior realistic rendering is the marketability of the space or building even before the completion of the project. This is mainly helpful to real estate companies where they can convince their potential customers by showing walk through and other visual effect.

Exterior realistic rendering
is the process of transforming exterior images into realistic 3D images with the help of computer. It is a three dimensional image which gives a complete idea about how the exterior of building looks like after the completion. Rendering is developed by professional with the aid of sophisticated computer software. Using this technology one can get a better ideas and concepts about the exterior designs and use their imagination to make it more cost effective. This advancement in the architectural field has made complex procedure very easy to build accurate buildings and widely used by contractors, builders and real estate developers. Exterior realistic rendering helps to view the exterior elements like color and lighting, shapes, arches, parking, doors and windows arrangement etc.

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