3D Rendering and Its Benefits

What is 3D rendering?

In simple words, 3D rendering is a three dimensional depiction of a sequence of images that is provided with attributes such as material, color, and texture. There are a lot of 3D renders in our day to day lives that go by unnoticed such as animated movies, television ads, video games, etc. 3D renders are usually done with the help of two key software pillars, namely Renderers and Modelers.

3D rendering can be related to cinematography or photography as it involves creative process such as staging, lighting, and creating structural renders. While typical photography involves real life objects, a 3D render involves creating an imaginary scenario or a model that needs to be rendered. It comprises of lot of work, but provides with a nearly limitless creative control on how the rendering can be created and presented.

3D rendering can be used to represent any sort of three-dimensional depiction such as houses, bridges, landscapes, architectural projects, etc – 3D rendering artist has to create or recreate the scene by Modeling and Animating before rendering the final depiction. Rendering part is where life-like lighting, color, atmosphere, texture, shadows, and visual effects such as motion-blur or refraction of light can be added.

Important Benefits of 3D Rendering

3D rendered animation provides better understanding and clarity to bland drawings, such as interior or exterior designs, increasing the design prospect of the model and empowering your ideas to prosper.

Cost required to design plans and structures can be highly reduced with help of 3D rendering companies in Australia. A typical designing process goes through various updates and changes for many reasons. With 3D renders, any kind of changes or updates can be made without any hassle and immediately.

3D rendering can help hasten the approval process. Exact depiction of the final output of the intended project is presented and thus eliminating any miscommunication.

If you’re an architectural engineer, real estate representative, or someone with an empty lot, 3D rendering technology will help you market these empty lots and create opportunities for future development.

3D rendering can help in exhibiting ideas or future design trends, project development, and latest building technologies.

3D renderings and animations are an efficient marketing platform to propose new & upcoming projects to potential clients and investors. Leading construction companies use 3D rendered animations to market their building and houses even before they are built.